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Boats Many boats to fit your plans

Large Custom Build Fishing–Sightseeing

Our biggest boat is a custom built large seaworthy boat designed for fishing, whale watching, sightseeing and as a "mother ship" for our other activities like Kayaking, swimming, crabbing, and shrimping.


These include another large boat and smaller fishing boats from kayaks up to outboard motor boats as seen in some of the pictures below. We have plenty of guides so that several boats can be out at any one time. We strive to provide a custom experience for each of our guests so that not everyone has to be together on one excersion or another.



boat DSC0043002 DSC1879 IMG5339 IMG9095 IMG9096 IMG9105 IMG9108 IMG9116 IMG9152 P1020229 P1020244 P1020306 P1020514 P1020516 P1020989 P1020991 P1030103_2 P1030154 P1030284 P1030286 swim

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My stay at Tree Tops Lodge was an amazing experience. The fishing was unbeatable! A once in a lifetime kind of trip that fortunately can be done more than once!

Sam Cushion

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