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Fishing At Tree Tops Lodge


Based on weather, seasonal runs and conditions, you choose the days agenda. You may have the opportunity to fight huge Halibut, Lingcod, Red Snapper and the many species of Salmon in the protected waters of the inside passage or the outer Alaska islands. Fly fishing is also available in our local lakes or streams. The Thorne River is world class Alaska fishing for Steelhead or Trout during the early season.

We have new custom built fishing boats for safety and convenience. These comfortable boats are designed to quickly take you to the best fishing grounds and maximize your Alaska fishing experience. Our new packing facility allows us to clean, vacuum pack, box and freeze your Alaska fish for the trip home. Our staff can also assist if you would like to FedEx your fish home.



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This is not like a cruise ship; this is a very personal, up-close experience; Simply the greatest way to see this unbelievable part of the world!

Robert Taylor

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